staff bios
Sarah Whitaker, P.G. Founder and President, Ms. Whitaker is a Professional Geologist and licensed water well contractor. She holds a BS from the University of Miami, an MSc from Acadia University and has worked in the USA, Canada, Norway, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Trained in geology and geophysics she has been working in the geologic, hydrogeologic, and environmental consulting field since 1980.

Ms. Whitaker has an extensive and varied background that includes regulatory experience with the St. Johns River Water Management District and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and consulting experience with several central Florida engineering firms. Additionally, she has worked offshore conducting seismic research and evaluating geohazards for the petroleum industry.

Ms. Whitaker started the hydrologic firm Sarah M. Whitaker, P.G. in 2002 as a sole business proprietorship and incorporated the firm of SMW GeoSciences, Inc. in January 2006.

Raymond Jones, P.E. Mr. Jones is Vice President and Senior Engineer of SMW GeoSciences, Inc. Mr. Jones has successfully managed numerous geotechnical and hydrogeologic studies throughout the state of Florida in the areas of groundwater analysis, water supply planning and design, consumptive use permitting, materials testing and geotechnical engineering.

Typical hydrogeologic projects include water balance analyses for spring flows, wetland water levels, lake and river levels, groundwater flow modeling of regional water supply systems, lake-wetland interaction systems, stormwater capture and reuse, horizontal wells, and numerous other surface water and groundwater interaction systems.

Typical geotechnical projects include a wide variety of residential, commercial, industrial, roadway, landfill and mining projects in both the public and private sectors. Ray has worked on low to high rise structures involving a variety of foundation types, wastewater and water treatment plants, large tower and tank structures, bridges, large-scale developments, pipelines, multi-lane roads using various pavement section materials, landfills, and lined and un-lined ponds.

Typical sinkhole projects include evaluation of residential, commercial, and municipal sinkhole claims in accordance with State requirements, using conventional and geophysical tools including GPR, ERI, and Seismic methods to evaluate subsurface conditions, evaluation of structural collapses associated with sinkhole activity and providing recommendations for repairs of structures affected by sinkhole activity.

Susan Woodbery, P.E. Ms. Woodbery is a licensed Florida Professional Engineer and FDEP-certified erosion and control inspector. She has been working in the water resources and environmental field since 1998. Ms. Woodberry specializes in stormwater engineering projects, including stormwater master planning, watershed management, stormwater GIS infrastructure inventory, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, pollutant load analysis, and stormwater retrofit design for water quality improvements. She has extensive experience performing wetland delineation, permitting wetland impact evaluation and wetland mitigation, as well as threatened and endangered species evaluation/mitigation plans.